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PSM Preparation course for your Scrum Master exam on

A lot of opportunities are open to an experienced Scrum Master in many companies. Almost any agile company does try to improve processes and strengthen team efficiency. At the same time, it is probably a major challenge to provide the necessary resources and skills for good and agile project management.

A well-founded Scrum Master training is a useful first step – to improve one’s own skills in the agile environment as well as on the career ladder.

The focus of the training is to optimally prepare all participants for their Professional Scrum Master exam on….

The training is aimed at all those who are interested in improving and expanding their knowledge and skills beyond classic project management. This also includes the teaching of an agile mindset.

Contents of the Scrum Master Training

  • 1 training day with a total of over 8 hours (Timetable)
  • High practical content
  • Interactive collaboration tools for agile training design
  • Official IfP Scrum documentation
  • Interactive sprint training
  • Scrum process, Scrum team, Scrum events and Scrum values in detail
  • IfP Scrum Onepager
  • Scrum Master-24h-Support: Our trainers are available for questions and problems at any time during your exam preparation4TIP: PSM and PMP® in 5 days. Combine your Scrum Master training with a training to become a certified PMP® project manager. In a total of only 5 training days, we qualify you as a Project Management Professional and Scrum Master. Get informed now!

Course price

From 899,0€

The course price includes, including 1 day of training, comprehensive training materials, 2-month access to e-learning, as well as beverages and catering during the classroom seminars. 

The exam fee for the Professional Scrum Master is to be paid directly to


You can book our Scrum Master training as a classroom seminar in Düsseldorf or as a live online seminar.  

For companies, we also offer the training as in-house training.

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What else you should know about Scrum and the Professional Scrum Master training

Before you decide on a Scrum Master training, we will briefly provide you with some information on the topic and take a look at the typical Scrum terms and their meaning. 

Many established companies already use Scrum to successfully lead teams through processes. But there are still many misunderstandings and ignorance when it comes to working methods and background of the Scrum methodology.

Was ist eigentlich Scrum

What is Scrum?

Scrum has become one of the leading methods in agile project management in recent years. This procedure has established itself as a method for the agile management of projects in all industries.

Scrum is a process method in project management and, as an agile method, is based on the roles and artifacts defined by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber.

The term “Scrum” itself comes from the game of Rugby and means the “scrum” (English: scrum). Today, the term is used to describe exceptionally successful product development teams.

Scrum consists of only a few rules. These describe five activities, three artifacts and three roles that make up the essential aspects of Scrum and are described in the Scrum Guide.

Scrum is…


…easy to understand.

…difficult to master.

Scrum Sprint


Transparency: Progress and obstacles of a project are recorded regularly and visible for all.

Review: Project results and functionalities are delivered and evaluated regularly.

Adaptation: Requirements for the product, plans and procedures are not set once and for all, but are continuously adapted in detail.

The goal is the fast and cost-effective development of high-quality products according to a formulated vision. Scrum does not reduce the complexity of the task, but structures it into smaller and less complex components, the increments.

The part of the Scrum Master

In the Scrum team there are three parts that have different functions: Product Owner, Developers and Scrum Master, who takes a central position within the Scrum team. 

While the product owner works together with the customer on the deliverable of the project and the developers are entrusted with the implementation of the project, the scrum master takes on the task of a coach and a spokesman for the organization. In this way, he or she communicates the project vision as well as the agile management approach and so protects the team from external influences.

This defining of the role is different from the role of the project manager in classical methods: The Scrum Master is the contact person for the client, but has no responsibility for project management.

In a Scrum Master training, you will not only learn methodology, techniques and theory. We also teach you how you, as a good Scrum Master, motivate the team to constantly improve the way they work and their output.

The examination

After our course you will have an overview of Scrum and all related components. And you will understand what Scrum is all about. 

Nevertheless, we recommend that you take a closer look at the contents in self-study afterwards. For this purpose, our e-learning module is available up to 2 months after your Professional Scrum Master training.  

The target should be to achieve almost 100% of the test questions in the test exam on Then you have the relative certainty to pass the paid exam. 

Exam fee: $150.00 per attempt

85% of the questions must be answered correctly

Time: 60min

Number of questions: 80

Format: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer and True/False

Difficulty level: medium

Language: English

If you fail your exam on the first attempt, continue to use the e-learning to prepare for the retake exam.


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