Funding opportunities for your further education



The Federal Employment Agency covers your further training costs.

As part of our AZAV certification, we are entitled to accept training vouchers from the Federal Employment Agency as further training providers. In case of unemployment or impending unemployment, the costs of your PMP preparation course will be fully covered by the Federal Employment Agency.

You can find further information on the education voucher  here.

You can find our courses with all conditions in the course network of the Federal Employment Agency.

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Take advantage of the special programme Education cheque NRW

The state government of North Rhine-Westphalia supports skilled workers and promotes their professional further education with the special programme “Bildungsscheck NRW”. Take advantage of the opportunity to receive a subsidy of up to 50% of the training costs for a further training measure of the Institute for Project Management.


Conditions of the education cheque NRW

  • All employees in NRW (except in the public sector) and those returning to work can apply for an education cheque
  • The company you work for may have a maximum of 249 employees.
  • Your taxable income may not exceed EUR 30,000.00, or EUR 60,000.00 for jointly assessed persons.
  • The course costs must be at least 500,- Euro gross.
  • In the period of two calendar years you can receive an educational cheque
  • Amount of support per education cheque: 50 % of the course costs, maximum 500 euros.


Self-employed and freelancers cannot receive the education cheque.

You can find further information on the education cheque from the state of NRW here.


How to get the education voucher

The education cheque will be issued by the state of NRW. You can find an advisory office of the state of NRW here.

You will receive the Education Voucher after a consultation at the counselling offices of the State of NRW. Registration for a training course at the IfP Institute for Project Management can only be made after an educational voucher has been issued. We will be happy to reserve a place for you in one of our training courses.


The education voucher at a glance

  • In individual access, employees can receive an education cheque each year.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises with fewer than 250 employees can use up to 20 education vouchers per year.
  • Start-ups in the first five years of their self-employment and those returning to work have the opportunity to receive an education voucher once a year.
  • Employees without a vocational qualification and immigrants who are aiming for post-qualification are particularly addressed.


Further funding opportunities

In addition to NRW, other federal states also have special funding instruments for continuing vocational training and qualification. If you would like to apply for such a subsidy in your federal state and want to contribute to the payment, please contact us.



Nationwide subsidies for your further education

In addition to the education voucher, you have the option of having your further education promoted with the education premium of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. With the education premium premium voucher, the state covers half of the costs incurred for continuing education courses and examinations – up to 500 euros.

The education premium supports employed women and men with an income of up to 20,000 euros (40,000 euros for married couples) and is not limited to the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, but applies nationwide.

You can find further information on the education premium


How to get the education premium

All self-employed persons and employees who work at least 15 hours a week and whose annual taxable income is a maximum of EUR 20,000 benefit from the premium voucher. For jointly assessed persons, the limit is 40,000 euros. Child allowances are taken into account when calculating taxable income.

You will also receive the premium vouchers after a consultation.

You can find a counselling centre here.



Take the time for your further education

The IfP Institute for Project Management is recognized as an employee training institution for various federal states in accordance with the Worker Training Act (Arbeiternehmerweiterbildungsgesetz – AWbG) and offers you the opportunity to apply for educational leave for all our events.

In principle, employed persons are entitled to educational leave according to the AWbG. A total of 5 days educational leave per year can be applied for.

You can apply for educational leave in all federal states. Exceptions are Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Saxony and Thuringia.

Further information on educational leave can be found


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