Your training documents: you have the choice!


As a participant in our PMP® on-site courses, you have the choice whether you prefer to have your training material in a classic print version (incl. USB stick) or on the IfP tablet.

If you opt for the IfP-Tablet, you will receive a functional tablet at the beginning of the training course, tailored to your needs, with all the training materials you need for your course and your preparation for the upcoming PMP® exam.

Take advantage of the opportunity to access many PMP® apps, which make your preparation easier and allow you to conveniently access a variety of exercise questions. To have full access to the Google Play Store, you need a Google Account.

Make the right decision

You decide how you can best participate in our training courses. Therefore, it should be noted that our IfP tablet offers other ways to follow our preparation courses, but cannot completely replace the possibilities of the classic print version.

Take the opportunity to decide for yourself how you can best benefit from our preparation courses. If you choose our IfP tablet, you will not incur any additional costs and of course you may keep the device.

For a surcharge of 200,-€ you also have the possibility to purchase both the classic print version of the training material and the IfP tablet.

Technical Support

For technical questions and problems, please contact the manufacturer

For warranty and guarantee the legal regulations apply.


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